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The Kosher Along service morphed into a specialty of its own - Operating as a new and highly regarded Kosher Food Provider for the Travel and hospitality industry since 2009, We Supply kosher gourmet meals for hotels and corporate events. Kosher Along will supply you with all kosher gourmet food from a single portion to an entire kosher event all with the same smile.

Kosher Along Founded 1944 by the famous Glauber family, after immigrating from Hungary to Israel in and then to the United states of America where they had held a small but very popular gourmet bakery ever since 1972. – We now operate separately but the quality and taste goes on.

We still operate on the same quality principles of our founder Pinches Glauber. Our long standing reputation of quality Jewish Shabbos and weekdays food is well known in the NY Metro area and beyond.

Why we do it.

The kosher industry is expanding rapidly - we feel that no other supplier fully understands the necessity of having a service to supply kosher meals at corporate events, Country Clubs, and Hotels etc. with the gourmet touch an flair. The few who do supply don’t cater to the ultra orthodox community, or to the fine gourmet quality as we do, we are proud of that.

We have the certification of the top US Kosher organizations including Rabbi B. Gruber of Rockland NY.

If you need any information on kosher food or kosher gourmet meals please call us 845 746 1386 or email me at

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