Individual Kosher Meals

Kosher Along's Individual Kosher Meals are carefully wrapped so it is microwaveable according to Kosher law. We pride ourselves is delivering the best meals made of the best ingredients by our professional staff.

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Buffet-Style Kosher Meals

Kosher Along's Buffet-Style Kosher Meals are made from the freshest stuff on earth. We specialize in events and functions that need Kosher meals but do not have a fully functional Kosher kitchen. We include beautiful cutlery and flatware for single use.

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Hotel Market place

We provide Kosher food - Deep-frozen for great taste and quality. We double-wrap them so it may be heated in any microwave according to Kosher law. The Kosher consumption is rising; be a part of it by offering Kosher food for your guests at your hotels marketplace.

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